Effective Ways To Use Raw Crystals

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Raw crystals have gained significant popularity, propelled by the interest in New Age practices. As practices such as yoga, mindfulness, and alternative medicine become more widespread, the demand for crystals and their diverse applications continue to expand.

In this guide, our team at The Gemstone Factory explores the most effective ways to utilize crystals. This knowledge will equip you to better select and offer products that can have a meaningful impact on your customer’s lives.

What Are The 4 Most Effective Uses of Raw Crystals?

While there are many applications for natural crystals, certain methods have proven to be particularly impactful. In this article, we outline how your customers can harness the power of raw crystals effectively.

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1. Raw Crystal Jewelry

One of the prominent trends is raw crystal jewelry, which features a wire wrapped crystal, crafted into elegant pieces such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets. We offer a diverse range of raw crystal jewelry for retail.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Here are some crystals that are ideal for crafting into jewelry:

  • Sodalite: Considered one of the best crystals for increasing intuition and can balance both the throat and third eye chakras, ideal as a necklace.
  • Aquamarine: This beautiful crystal is known for soothing the mind and boosting creativity, best worn around the neck.
  • Moonstone: Connected to the crown chakra (Sahasrara), this crystal is favorable for new beginnings and can be worn as a ring or necklace.
  • Blue lace agate: This crystal offers protection and recovery and Egyptians and Greeks often used them in amulets. It is commonly used in necklaces and provides the wearer an opportunity to increase their intuition.
  • Lapis lazuli: Facilitates intuitive and spiritual communication, typically worn as a necklace.

2. Tree Of Life Ornament

These ornaments combine various crystals to channel specific energies into a space, such as abundance, health, or love, depending on the crystals used, like citrine for wealth or rose quartz for romance.

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3. Bath Crystals

Integrating crystals into a warm bath can deeply rejuvenate the body and spirit while promoting relaxation. Here are some popular crystals to offer your customers looking to integrate raw crystals into their cleansing routine:

  • Rose Quartz: This crystal is said to help restore youth, rejuvenate skin cells, and enhance a body’s natural glow. Its ability to release negative energy makes it the perfect addition to crystal bath therapy.
  • Green Aventurine: This crystal is believed to boost mental health by calming stress, anxiety, anger, irritation, or nervousness. Its gentle vibration also ensures its user is grounded and receives mental clarity.
  • Carnelian: Known for its protection properties, it banishes negative energy and boosts positive energy. It is known to have a high vibration, and some believe it can aid in helping with skin complications and improving the health of the liver, stomach, digestive system, and adrenal glands.
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4. Raw Crystal Chunks

Natural clusters of crystals like amethyst, citrine, or quartz can safeguard spaces from negative energies. These clusters are ideal for entryways to homes and offices.

Raw Crystals For Meditation

Crystals enhance meditation by helping individuals connect with their inner selves. Holding a crystal during meditation can intensify their focus and many like to experiment with different crystals according to the intent behind their meditation.

Here are some crystals you can suggest to your customers to enhance their meditation:

  • Selenite: A crystal known to aid in tranquility and purity, selenite is a popular choice for those who meditate. Its white appearance reflects its ability to purify and cleanse its user’s energy and create an ideal environment for deep meditation.
  • Black tourmaline: This crystal is potent when protection and grounding are needed during meditation. Acting as a protective shield, it will ensure a safe and tranquil space during deep meditation and help with focus for deep introspection.
  • Angelite: Angelite creates connections within the celestial realms and opens the channels for celestial guidance and inner peace. Its energy is known to ease the mind and promote clarity during meditation, allowing the user to communicate with their higher self for insight and spiritual awareness.
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