The Beauty & Benefits Of Amethyst Clusters

amethyst clusters

If you own a store that sells gemstones, you may be wondering which precious stones to include in your inventory. With so many beautiful options, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose. One must-have beauty is amethyst: particularly amethyst clusters. The clusters are part of the hexagonal crystal system, and each one has unique points and edges as well as a shiny, glass-like luster.

Read on to learn more about amethyst clusters.


The History Of Amethyst Clusters

The lineage of amethyst dates back to ancient times, when Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians observed what they believed were healing powers associated with the stone. However, amethyst clusters have been found in many regions across the globe. Stemming from the Greek word amethystos, meaning “not intoxicated,” it has been long believed that amethyst protects against intoxication and promotes clarity. It was often used to adorn decorative goblets to prevent royals from intoxication at social events.

Legends surrounding this stone claim that the purple-colored stone owes its color to the Greek god of grape and wine, Dionysius who was relentlessly pursuing a beautiful mortal woman named Amethyst. Fearing for her chastity and life she called out to the Goddess Artemis for help. Heeding her pleas, Artemis turned her into a pure white crystalline stone to protect her. Overwrought with what he had done, Dionysius shed tears for Amethyst and poured wine over her pale white stone figure as an offering. The wine turned the stone purple which color it has remained ever since. As the color purple has historically been associated with royalty it was common for amethyst to be incorporated into jewelry and scepters used by kings and queens.

Benefits Of Amethyst Clusters​​​​​​

Many gemstone enthusiasts select their stones for external beauty, but many people also associate gemstones with energetic properties that promote certain behaviors, emotions, or other states of mind.

Here are just a few of the benefits associated with amethyst clusters:

Regulation Of The Body

Many people believe that amethyst clusters are associated with cell regeneration, helping to restore damaged cells, tissues, and organs after an injury. It also promotes a well-functioning endocrine system, controlling metabolism mood, rest cycles, and hormonal balance. In addition, by helping reduce stress, amethyst is associated with leveling cortisol production: the stress hormone. People who want to relax and feel less stressed or anxious should keep amethyst clusters nearby.

Fighting Disease

We’ve all felt that sinking, dreadful feeling of the beginnings of illness coming on. For those aiming to keep healthy and fit, amethyst clusters may be the answer. It is believed by many that amethyst has a purifying nature that helps boost the immune and respiratory systems.

Even helping to reduce stress and anxiety – another benefit associated with this gemstone – can do wonders for the physical body when it comes to preventing illness. Increases in cortisol, the stress hormone, can lower the effectiveness of the body’s immune system. As mentioned amethyst balances cortisol production and people who are relaxed and stress-free are less likely to succumb to illness.

Promoting Calmness

The world can often be a chaotic place, from external factors beyond our control to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives with jobs, children, and other responsibilities. Because it is believed that amethyst promotes calmness, many people wear bracelets or other forms of this stone close to the skin to feel uplifted throughout the day. At home amethyst clusters placed throughout the house resonate their calming energies. Feeling grounded in one’s emotions can help in dealing with life’s stresses, from the normal chaos of home and work to more serious emotions like grief or depression.

Preventing Negativity

In addition to alleviating feelings of sadness or depression, many people surround themselves with amethysts to prevent the intrusion of negative thoughts or blocks to creativity and inspiration. Artists struggling to find their vision or writers suffering from writer’s block may find it helpful to have a piece of amethyst in their studio or on their desk. A calm, quiet mind is better able to tap into those creative juices to make art, write poetry, or express oneself in whatever way they choose.

Aiding Meditation And Sleep

Meditation or mindfulness is a popular practice of quieting the mind to de-stress, relax, and pay attention to the present moment. Meditation has many uses, from quieting intrusive thoughts to relaxing after a busy day and winding down in preparation for bedtime. As a clarifying stone, amethyst encourages inner peace leading to feelings of calmness allowing one to fall into a peaceful sleep. People suffering from chronic insomnia may also use amethyst to regulate sleep patterns.

Making Decisions

There will come a time when life demands making difficult decisions. Many people turn to their amethyst clusters for assistance in this venture, seeking the inner power and wisdom to choose wisely (whatever it is). Amethyst facilitates common sense and flexibility, allowing one to be receptive to new ideas and dispelling self-doubt.

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