What Are The Most Effective Crystals For Happiness

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In the never ending quest for happiness, humans have always explored various avenues of holistic well-being and health to find ways to cultivate it. Beautiful gemstones are one of the ways your customers can bring feelings of joy into their space and heart. Happiness crystals are believed to possess unique energies and properties that have a positive influence over the emotional, physical, and spiritual body.

In this guide, we dive into the world of happiness, crystals, and the source for high-quality gemstones, The Gemstone Factory, a family-owned crystal wholesaler. Whether your customers are looking to bring about positivity through adding decor items, soap stones for pocket carrying, jewelry, or other creative crystal items, we have something for every kind of customer.

Top 9 Most Effective Crystals for Happiness

Crystals for happiness can best be described as joy stones. These stones possess unique energies that can help individuals overcome emotional, spiritual, physical, and static negative energies that may surround them.

Read on to discover some of the recommended gemstones for happiness and how you can help your customers use each one.

1. Rose Quartz

Most commonly, rose quartz is thought of as a crystal for self-love and romance. Its gorgeous pink color sets the tone of gentleness and beauty. Though it’s often associated with romantic love, those properties are exactly what makes this gemstone an effective choice for happiness. Rose quartz can be used to promote unconditional love, compassion, and emotional healing. Also, these energies can be applied to the individual for self-love, forgiveness, and peaceful relationships. Moreover rose quartz also opens one’s eye to the beauty of the arts allowing one to feel joy through music, paintings, sculptures, and the written word.

How to Use

An elegant and popular choice for customers seeking rose quartz for happiness is jewelry options such as the 3-stone drop necklace. There are also other various shapes of rose quartz that your customers may enjoy including:  

2. Clear Quartz

Referred to as the Master Healer of gemstones, clear quartz is a crystal customer’s love. The Master Healer is known as what is referred to as an amplifier stone. While its primary properties are harmony, purification, and light, the amplification aspect means that it can energize the area surrounding it redirecting it to a beneficial state. Quartz teaches one to enjoy life and laugh.

How to Use

Quartz is available in many forms of jewelry to be worn, acting as an energizer. It can also be carried in a pocket or larger pieces or quartz crystal clusters or points can be placed in an altar or in the home to balance the surrounding areas.

3. Smoky Quartz

A darker form of quartz that has brownish to blackish hues, smoky quartz is very powerful at transforming negative energies such as anger as well as worry. Smoky Quartz, is best known for its ability to work as a neutralizer. Like an anchoring rock, it can bring grounding and clarity, ultimately welcoming feelings of happiness.

How to Use

Hold it during meditation or place a smoky cluster upon the body to help with anger. Place a piece of smoky quartz near the boundary of your home or space to increase feelings of joy.

smoky quartz
aquamarine crystal

4. Aquamarine

Dating back to 480 BC, it was believed that aquamarine was the ultimate protector for those at sea. Some considered aquamarine gemstones to be the treasure of mermaids. Today, it’s still known as a protection crystal but more commonly it assists in spiritual development, it promotes stability and tolerance which in turn lends itself to happiness.

How to Use

As with other gemstones aquamarine can be worn or used in its natural state for laying on the body.

5. Selenite

Similar to crystal quartz, selenite is known for its ability to cleanse stagnant or negative energies. This happiness promoting gemstone is made from crystallized gypsum and has a milky, white appearance. Selenite increases awareness, insight, and flexibility allowing one to understand and alter that which brings unhappiness. It is perfect for any space, including living rooms, meditation areas, yoga studios, spas, and more.

How to Use

Selenite is so versatile your customers can add it to their daily lives through numerous decor items like candle holders and lamps, beautiful bowls, soap stones, and more.

amethyst crystal

6. Amethyst

Amethyst is perhaps one of the most well-known crystals due to its gorgeous purple coloring. Its color and geometrical shape make it a versatile gemstone and one that is popular to display. Amethyst is a stone of peace and contentment. It lends stability and strength to manage one’s life.

How to Use

This crystal can be used to ward off negativity while sleeping by placing the crystal near the bed, in the office to promote positivity, or as jewelry to increase overall feelings of contentment.

7. Malachite

A beautiful, rich opaque, and green-banded crystal, you can’t go wrong with malachite. This crystal is nicknamed the “stone of transformation” because of its happiness promoting properties that work by helping to heal emotional distress. It helps one recognize negativity and evolve from this state. It also promotes fidelity.

How to Use

Try malachite bracelets or soap stones to add to any relaxation techniques.

Malachite crystal

8. Citrine

Citrine is believed to attract success, wealth, and abundance. It raises levels of joy and optimism helping one move from the darkness into the light. Some believe citrine is a symbol of hospitality and can help foster friendship as well as happiness. Citrine is one of only a few stones that does not hold any negative energy and does not need cleansing.

How to Use

This beautiful, golden, honey-colored gemstone is perfect for whatever your customer’s heart desires. From gorgeous earrings to soap stones that are perfect for meditation or pocket carrying, you can’t go wrong with stocking citrine.​​​​​​

9. Moonstone

This crystal comes in cream, yellow, blue/gray, peach, pink, or a combination of colors swirled together beautifully, Moonstone is a crystal for new beginnings, growth, and inner strength. It encourages development and confidence, ridding oneself of emotional blockages.

How to Use

The most popular way to incorporate moonstone is to wear it as a pendant, earrings, or a ring. Another common way to use moonstone is by adding some gemstones such as a moonstone sphere to your work environment or carrying it with you when meditating or cleansing.

moonstone crystal
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