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There’s something beautiful and mystical about the journey of gemstones formed in the earth over millions of years. The right combinations of heat, liquids, minerals, shifting earth, and possible meteor impacts, come together and produce surprising gemstone treasures throughout the world. As a natural gemstone wholesale supplier, we are in awe of all that we see and cultivate a beautiful supply of these treasures, offering the best natural gemstones for commercial outlets.

Over the last 27 years, we have gained extensive knowledge of the crystal industry. Some gemstones have been best sellers since the beginning and are still our top sellers. Below we look at some of these stones and offer a few tips to help boost sales.

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Five Gemstones To Sell In Retail

A varied inventory with colorful options as well as popular well-loved crystals are essential for a successful crystal shop. Consider the following five beloved gemstones.

1) Amethyst

Amethyst is a semi-precious purple stone that is mostly commonly known for its varying shades of violet and purple. Most of the Amethyst sold in shops today comes from Brazil and Uruguay but beautiful deep colored amethyst is also mined in Africa. The beautiful purple color of amethyst is what first draws a customer to this stone.

This beautiful crystal is a member of the quartz family and is the birthstone for February. It ranks seven on the Mohs scale of hardness which allows it to be used extensively in jewelry and all types and shapes of polished carvings. It is also available in its natural shape being sold as clusters, geodes, and cathedrals. Many homes and offices are decorated with larger pieces either standing on their own or fitted with stands that hold the pieces upright.

In addition to its eye-catching color, Customers love amethyst for its physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits. It is known as a stone of peace and contentment. From giving an immune boost and deeper sleep to reducing negative energetic influences and helping with a calm mind and decision-making amethyst is a must-have gemstone.

2) Rose Quartz

As a pink form of quartz, rose quartz has come to embody romantic ideals and is associated with compassion. With a translucent luster, rose quartz is readily found in large crystal masses allowing for versatile uses. Large rose quartz deposits have been used to fashion bath tubs, tables, and counter tops. It is also crafted into spheres, points, figurines, and hearts of all sizes. The loving pink color is widely used in all types of jewelry.

With a history dating as far back as 7,000 BC, many believed that rose quartz face masks promised to clear complexions and prevent wrinkles, making them popular stones among Egyptian and Roman women. The crystal is still linked to beauty today. Rose quartz facial rollers are often seen in beauty routines and, there is a growing trend for consumers to incorporate rose quartz into cosmetic products.

A pink rose quartz first says love just by its color but once near the stone, it emits a loving energy that matches its loving color. The soft energy of rose quartz allows one to practice self-love. It helps remove chaos and negativity opening one up to beauty and outside love as well. When customers come into your shop feeling out of balance or full of negative emotions a rose quartz stone can help them. Surrounding themselves with rose quartz at home, wearing a piece of jewelry, or holding a rose palm stone can help balance them.

3) Tiger Eye

Customers love this semi-precious gemstone, which has a striking golden brown color and silky luster resembling the eye of a tiger. With a rich cultural heritage, tiger eye is popular among those tapping into self-confidence and inner strength. While rose quartz may have a greater appeal to women, tiger eye is luring to both men and women. Men find its color combination bold and masculine while women love its deep color and fluidity.

As a member of the Chalcedony mineral class family, tiger eye has a microcrystalline structure, meaning that the crystals are too small to be seen with the naked eye. This contributes to its rich and mysterious coloring.

Consumers are also fascinated by the origins of the gemstone’s name, which is synonymous with the wild jungle. Just glancing at the stone shows you the luminescent eye of a tiger. Tiger eye was known to many ancient cultures and incorporated into their folklore. Egyptians believed it to be a stone of divine vision and fashioned their deities eye from the stone. The stone has become associated with protection, bravery, strength, and luck. ,

4) Tourmaline

While tourmaline comes in many colors and makes beautiful jewelry, one of the most purchased forms of tourmaline is black tourmaline. Widely known for its protection properties, tourmaline is available in a variety of shapes and styles.

Black tourmaline is also known as “schorl” from its original mining in the 1400s in a village in Germany. It took many centuries before schorl was recognized as part of the tourmaline family including the brightly colored gemstones seen in jewelry.

Tourmaline crystals are often purchased in their natural shapes but can be polished into points and spheres. It is also popular in both polished and natural pieces when crafted into jewelry. Black tourmaline not only offers protection from inner negativity, helping to ground and stabilize, it also dispels negativity that is directed towards one from an outside source. Carrying or wearing a black tourmaline can help a customer who believes they are being targeted or surrounded by negativity throughout their day while tourmaline placed in the home offers protection throughout the house.

5) Selenite

Selenite is one of the most popular stones on the market today. Its modern white color and unlimited decorative options have made it a staple in many homes. Selenite is a form of gypsum that can be found worldwide. However, most of the selenite that is available from crystal shops is mined in Morocco.

Named for the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, the gemstone is said to possess moon energy. It helps to provide clarity and guidance, strengthening one’s intuition. It is protective and spiritual. Its soothing moon-like glow helps to calm and facilitates meditation. Selenite is used to clear and recharge other crystals.

Selenite is a soft stone which allows it to be carved into many forms. Its translucent nature allows light to pass through enhancing its moon glow. Taking advantage of this gemstone’s ability to transmit light selenite is often formed into lamps and candle holders. The soft light they give off can transform a room.

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Gemstones Across All Platforms

Whether you’re selling to consumers online or creating a captivating space for shoppers to explore your gemstones in person, there are a few helpful tips to boost sales.

Selling Gemstones In A Physical Store

Physical stores have the added benefit of creating an inviting and captivating space and the opportunity for strategic displays. Consider the following tips to make the most of this opportunity.

  • Use light strategically to showcase the colors and brilliance of the gemstones, and consider using natural elements like wood to enhance the aesthetic appeal
  • Ensure that the display is regularly cleaned and dust-free to showcase the gemstones in the best light
  • Provide informative labels alongside the gemstones to educate customers about their properties, origins, and meanings
  • Consider an interactive display where customers can touch and handle the gemstones with tools such as magnifying glasses available for a closer look
  • Pair gemstones with complimentary imagery and relevant jewelry to show customers how the gemstones can be used in everyday life

Selling Gemstones Online

When selling gemstones online, you need to take extra care to showcase the gemstone’s unique attributes.

  • Use high-quality images and videos that show the gemstones from different angles
  • Provide detailed descriptions, including dimensions, weight, clarity, and other important features, as the buyer won’t be able to see these details in person
  • Consider virtual interactive features that showcase how the gemstone can be used or worn
  • Include customer reviews and testimonials to boost social proof and trustworthiness
  • Position your shop as an authority on gemstones by sharing an educational blog that offers valuable content
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Natural Gemstone Wholesale Supplier

When selling gemstones, you need to provide quality stones and share the unique story behind each gem. When buying your products from The Gemstone Factory, you can be confident that you are providing the best crystals available in today’s market to your consumers.

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