Best Crystals For Meditation & Mindfulness

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The ancient practice of mindfulness and meditation is a hot topic right now, and using crystals as a focus is just as popular. While many embrace the spiritual side of using crystals, others simply find it helps to hold something in their hands while learning to quieten their thoughts.

Whether you lean toward one side or the other, there are many different crystals to choose from. Read on to discover which of these stones are best for mindful meditation.

What Is Meditation And Mindfulness?

The term, ‘meditate’ comes from meditatum, a Latin word which means ‘to think about’ or ‘to ponder’. We live busy lives and often run on autopilot, missing out on what is actually important. Meditating mindfully is a way to reconnect with ourselves and the environment around us. It’s a powerful practice that can reduce mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Meditation is a practice involving your body and mind that trains you to focus on the interactions between your physical being, brain, mind, and behavior. This often brings a sense of calm and quiet which can be hard to find in modern times.

Mindfulness is the simple practice of awareness of the present moment. It often involves acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations.


Crystals That Enhance Mindful Meditation

Crystals add a focus point to mindful meditation that can help you relax enough to get into a meditative flow and guide your thoughts as you meditate.

Start your meditation journey by choosing the crystals that best represent your heart’s longing. You can also let their physical properties help you decide. Some may prefer the smooth surface of tumbled stones, while others may enjoy the roughness of a stone in its natural state.

These are some of the most popular crystals and their metaphysical properties.

Carnelian: Clarity For Making Decisions

Carnelian is a vibrant red-orange microcrystalline quartz from the chalcedony stone family. Meditating with carnelian helps you focus by creating a sense of calm awareness that helps you switch off distracting thoughts. When it comes to decision-making and life choices, carnelian may help you trust your intuition and make good choices.

Turquoise: Freedom From The Past

Turquoise, the stone of strength, is an opaque stone in vivid shades of blue, green-blue, and yellowish-green, speckled with brown and black patterns that give it character. Some say turquoise can reduce self-sabotage, allowing you to pursue your true path without interference from the past.

Malachite: Physical And Emotional Healing

Malachite is a gorgeous green stone, typically banded in more than a single shade of green. Some malachite stones have a sheen that adds to their beauty. As a transformative stone, malachite is said to absorb physical and emotional pain, as well as ease the discomfort of change. Some believe malachite repels negative energy and stimulates dreaming.

Black Tourmaline: Banish Negativity And Find Protection

Black tourmaline is a type of silicate crystal made from aluminum borate silicate. It’s known to be a grounding stone, linked to purification and protection. Black tourmaline is said to banish negativity and provide protection. For anyone experiencing high stress, meditating with black tourmaline may prove helpful.

Citrine: Lighten A Heavy Emotional Load

Citrine is a cheerful, semi-transparent stone that comes in various shades of golden yellow and orange. As a meditative focus, citrine is brimming with optimism and positivity that clears negativity, blockages, and instabilities. If you’re feeling gloomy and stagnant, citrine may be just the stone for you.

Clear Quartz: Gain Emotional And Mental Clarity

Clear quartz is a sparkly crystal that is known as the light bringer and is linked to illumination. When you meditate with clear quartz, you may experience mental and emotional clarity, linked to a fresh sense of purpose. Healing and cleansing are often linked to using clear quartz.

Amethyst: Serenity, Forgiveness And Heightened Spiritual Awareness

Amethyst is a quartz mineral that comes in shades of purple from cool bluish to a reddish shade. Using it in meditation brings peacefulness that can help you release any unforgiving feelings you’re holding on to. The serenity of an amethyst is useful to help you sleep better, but also to calm yourself for meditation. Amethyst aids clarity of mind and can heighten spiritual awareness.

Obsidian: Break Out Of Negative Thinking Cycles

Obsidian is a dark volcanic glass that comes about when lava cools too fast for many crystals to form. Obsidian is typically black, with a glassy gleam, and is harder than the glass used in windows. Using obsidian in meditation can bring clarity and allow the release of spiritual, physical, and emotional blockages. It can be used to dismantle old trauma and renew thought patterns.

Rose Quartz: Open The Heart To Love

Rose quartz is a silica mineral stone loved for its gentle pink hue. Coarse-grained, translucent, yet turbid, rose quartz presents beautifully when shaped into gems for jewelry. Known as the stone of universal love, rose quartz helps open the heart to all facets of love, including friendship, self-love, and healing from emotional pain or trauma.

Calcite: Clear Mind, Enhanced Awareness And Boosted Concentration

Calcite is a colorful crystal that comes in various shades, including a clear, colorless stone. Some use calcite to clear their minds of chatter, stimulate helpful thoughts, and boost concentration. Calcite has been found to boost energy and release negative emotions.

Labradorite: Increase Creativity

Labradorite is also known as the stone of transformation and is said to provoke fresh creativity. Meditating with labradorite allows you to let go of those things that no longer benefit you and uncovers your greater purpose. As a transformative stone, labradorite can help you tap into the courage you need during times of change.

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