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Salt lamps are in many homes and on lots of gift wish lists this year. These lamps are a neutral and atmospheric home decor item that suit many styles. Your customers don’t need to be crystal lovers for these lamps to find their home, as they work perfectly for a wide range of home and design styles. For good reason, they see heavy commercial use in the spa, hotel, and gift shop industries. But what exactly are they? We’re here to introduce you to salt lamps: a piece of mineral decor that’s taken the world by storm.

What Are Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are made from Himalayan salt, carved into shape on a wooden base, and fitted with a bulb for lighting. The glow they emit is soft and warm and does a wonderful job of making a space feel cozy and inviting. Because of this, salt lamps are often used in bedrooms and living areas to help wind down for the evening. Due to the kind of salt that is mined for their production, these lamps have a pink to orange hue, almost salmon-toned. It is this tone that gives the lamps their warm quality.

They are also said to have calming and potential health effects, helping to improve sleep and air quality. It is believed that they do this by releasing negative ions into the air and acting as a filter for unwanted particles, similar to the feeling people have after thunderstorms. However, these lamps are known for their calming properties. Adding an earthy aesthetic and glow to a space, may help with stress relief and relaxation before bed, potentially improving sleep quality and lowering anxiety.

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Salt has held cultural and spiritual significance for centuries, standing for friendship and protection. So, what’s caused salt lamps’ recent surge in popularity? These lamps are found in many homes around the world, both as a decorative item and for their potential health benefits. They’re also perfectly suited for gift giving — they are an easy choice for a housewarming gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift, with a neutral and natural design and color scheme.

Using Salt Lamps in Your Home Design

Whether bought for direct use or as gifts, there are many ways to use salt lamps in the home. Primarily, they hold a dual usage: they act as a home accessory during the day, and they act as lighting at night. While a normal lamp can contribute to a home’s decor, the crystal aesthetic, and color of salt lamps make them fantastic as a standalone decor choice without even needing to be switched on.

However, their atmosphere-changing abilities are where they shine. There’s been an interior design shift into embracing coziness and personality in our homes, and these lamps contribute to both of these factors. For the person who loves collecting crystals, this is a functional and beautiful gift, making it an excellent choice for gift shops.

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At The Gemstone Factory, we sell a wide range of products as a salt lamp wholesaler:

  • Salt Lamps: Standard salt lamps are roughly cylindrical in shape, although they have a tapered top and a rough, crystal-textured body. The bulb is hidden on the inside of the lamp, which is usually flush mounted on a wooden base. This makes it look like a naturally growing crystal, providing a rugged, natural aesthetic. These find their place on bedside tables, office desks, accenting bookshelves, and in living rooms.
  • Aromatherapy Lamps: These lamps are made similarly to the standard ones, but they have the addition of a space for water and essential oils. They also contribute to a home’s atmosphere with scent as well as visual style.
  • Salt Fire Bowls: If you’re looking to start your own crystal business, you’ll know that customers love variety. Salt fire bowls offer another implementation of salt lamps. They are formed with smoothed bowls holding salt shapes, including spheres, hearts, or more naturally cut salt. These give the impression of a small fireplace when lit up, making them perfect for use on coffee tables or in living spaces.
  • Salt Lamp Carvings: Salt carvings give the opportunity of a more personal gift choice — or an excellent souvenir. Our salt lamp carvings come on natural wooden bases and bulbs to match their size. Our shapes include pyramids, angels, and animals like dogs and elephants.
  • Salt Spheres: Salt spheres offer a more modern take on the traditional salt lamp. These have a smooth, spherical exterior, perfect for the contemporary crystal enthusiast who wants to add style to their space. The sphere itself is also mounted on a wooden base, so the natural inspiration still shines through.

Another crystal that goes hand in hand with this aesthetic style is selenite lamps. Like the traditional salt decor, these lamps provide a soft and natural glow that illuminates any space with calming energy. They tend to have a smoother finish, and they also have a clear, milky color instead of salmon pink. For this reason, some might find that selenite lamps suit their home style better. These products both offer a calm ambiance, and buyer personal preference is key in deciding whether you’d like to stock one or both.

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The Gemstone Factory: Salt Lamp Wholesaler

At The Gemstone Factory, we have years of experience in sourcing and categorizing salt lamps, gemstones, and crystals. We are a salt lamp wholesaler offering services to gift shops, museums, online retailers, interior decorators, and more. With their wide range of uses, including those in the commercial spa and hotel industries, these lamps provide decor benefits alongside their gifting potential.

If you have any questions about the products we have on offer, please contact us at sales@gemstonefactory.net. Our Coral Springs showroom is available by appointment for you to be inspired up close — and we can’t wait to work with you.

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