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Jasper is among the most widely known crystals. All Jasper gemstones possess inherent common qualities like offering stability, healing, and security. It is a nurturing stone promoting not only self nurturing but the desire to bring contentment to others. Jasper stones come in various colors and varieties. Finding reputable Jasper wholesalers can help you diversify your stock.

Let’s explore the most common types of Jasper gemstones.

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As the name suggests, a bloodstone crystal has blood red jasper dots set against a dark green quartz. Carrying or wearing this type of crystal can protect against bullying or threats. It guides one with the courage to confront or withdraw when necessary. You can advise a customer to carry one when navigating new circumstances.

A bloodstone also enhances decision-making by giving your clients mental clarity. It gives a mental boost to re-energize their mind when they feel tired. Additionally one can experience heightened intuition in dreams and can actualize these thoughts into actions.


Dalmatian jasper is opaque and white-beige with black and brown spots This restorative gemstone can harmonize your emotions by countering skepticism and disillusion. It allows one to see the lighter side of life opening one to joy. The tourmaline inclusions can help remove outgrown patterns and any negative energy.

You can recommend a Dalmatian stone to customers looking to start a new business venture. This stone encourages individuals to think over project plans carefully and reflect on the different development phases. Actualization is then characterized by vigor and enthusiasm,leading to a successful business.


This type of Jasper is a combination of colorless Quartz, Green Epidote, and Pink Feldspar and symbolizes harmonious relationships. It has elements of green and pink. These color combinations can help lift one’s spirits, balance heart aspects, and gently release deep-seated feelings.

Unakite can bring your clients patience and eliminate patterns and thoughts that facilitate their bad habits. Clients who feel overwhelmed and lost can move forward seeing a way out.

Sprinkling dried yarrow on the stone and placing it in an enclosed bag symbolizes commitment, which can bring lasting love in marriage.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is also referred to as the stone of endurance. It is deep red due to iron oxide and silicon dioxide inclusions. This stone is associated with physical strength, stamina, energy, determination, and focus. It has a steady frequency that can create the constant energy needed to improve health, follow through with goals to completion, and face challenges that life may throw.

Red jasper cleanses the aura by stimulating the kundalini energy of the base chakra. After using this stone, customers may also experience passion and increased manifestation. They can gain the strength to stand up for themselves even after a traumatic experience.


Mookaite Jasper is a Western Australian stone made up of tiny sea creatures preserved remains known as radiolaria. Mookaite possesses vibrant patterns and colors like cream, yellow, pink, red, and purple. It is believed to carry a frequency of vitality and strength. This frequency can enable your customers to use positive vibrations, increase their will, and focus on their power.

Mookaite can awaken instincts that help guide one in the right direction. It is also used to link with earth powers that can boost self-confidence and realize full potential. Pressing a Mookaite at the upper stomach activates the chakras heightening personal power.


Maligano Jasper is found in places with volcanic hot springs. It has a unique natural artistry that varies from one stone to another. Some stones may resemble sweeping mountains, undulating oceans, desert sands, golden sunshine, poppy fields, nighttime skies, or red rock gorges.

Every stone contains harmonious energy that resonates with the self. Like the Red Jasper, it can bring endurance and tenacity while countering negative energy. Customers who carry a maligano palm stone or heart can experience eased worries and a sense of self-confidence. When used during outdoor meditation, it stimulates well-being and empowers positive energies.


Kambaba Jasper is predominantly green in color with dark spots. This stone can help strike an emotional balance and bring a sense of being grounded, especially in difficult circumstances. Adding this rock to your store’s inventory can cater to customers who need to ease worry and release anxiety and fear, allowing them to focus on essential things and stay on course.

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Jasper Crystal Combinations

Jasper can be paired with other gemstones with the same grounding nature. Pairing options include Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and Aventurine.

  • Jasper and Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is a silicate crystal symbolizing anchoring and stability. This astounding pair can guarantee you long-term protection. It absorbs negative energy surrounding the bearer.
  • Jasper and Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz signifies endless love and is closely associated with the heart and throat chakras. This gemstone combination can help protect relationships.
  • Jasper and Aventurine: Aventurine contains therapeutic properties and calms your vibrations. It has shimmers that can brighten your gloomiest of days. Pairing the two creates a powerful combo.
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Reputable Jasper Wholesaler

Jasper is versatile and possesses many unique qualities. As discussed it occurs in various patterns and colors, bringing an aesthetic appeal to your store. As a business owner, a diverse inventory is essential to meet the multiple needs of your customers. You can do this by stocking different types of Jasper for clients looking for spiritual guidance, emotional healing or protection.

Finding reputable Jasper wholesalers doesn’t have to be tedious. Contact The Gemstone Factory today and see our stock of wholesale gemstones, crystals, and jewelry.

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