How To Use A Pendulum


pendulum is a weighted object attached to the end of a chain, rope, or string that can freely swing in all directions. Pendulums can be used as divination tools, helping one make decisions and also uncover any energy blockages that may exist in the physical body.

Pendulum use has existed over the centuries. The pendulum served as a way to assist in a search to uncover what was unseen. Whether it was water underground or hidden influences in the body. Divination relies on the pendulum’s change in direction or movement to offer answers and guidance. To work with pendulums one must set an intention or ask a question and then determine what the pendulum cues mean. It is best to ask straightforward yes and no questions at first and later one can dive deeper into more complex questions.

A pendulum can help fine-tune intuitions and balance the body’s energy. You may also recommend pendulums to clients who need answers about money, life, health, love, or career. Read on to learn more about pendulums and how your clients can use them for optimal results.


Pendulum Movements

Pendulums move in different directions and can convey a variety of meanings. The pendulum can aid in decision-making. Helping your client choose which direction is better for them. It can also show which Chakras are open and which may be blocked and need clearing.

To work on the Chakras, first guide your clients on how to hold the pendulum using the thumb and the forefinger about 10cm above each chakra and then observe the direction that the pendulum moves. Several directional movements can occur.

Each has its own meaning as follows:

  • Clockwise swing: A clockwise pendulum swing means an individual has a well-balanced and open chakra.
  • Counter-clockwise swing: Indicates a blocked chakra that needs to be opened or a negative emotion that needs to be released.
  • Elliptical swing: This indicates imbalances in energy flow from the left and right sides of the body.
  • Erratic Swing: This can mean you are in a period of spiritual upheaval, causing energy to flow erratically.
  • No swing: A steady pendulum can occur if you’re holding it in the wrong location or there is a total chakra blockage not allowing for any flow of energy.

To help unblock the chakras your client can swing the pendulum clockwise over the blocked area and focus on positive intentions and the free flow of energy.


Choose Your Pendulum

Your clients need to understand that you don’t choose a pendulum. It chooses you. Guide them to go for a pendulum that feels right and speaks to them. Allow clients to touch and feel different pendulums until they settle for one they connect with.

Crystal pendulums can balance chakras, heal, and find hidden answers. Certain gemstones are more attune to specific areas of concern. Here are some common pendulums and what they may help you achieve:

Amethyst Pendulum

Amethyst is a divinity crystal that offers answers regarding the inner aspects of yourself. The amethyst pendulum links with the crown chakra, which connects your mind with wisdom and pure consciousness. Customers who struggle to connect with their subconscious may benefit from an amethyst pendulum.

Holding this tool to the forehead stimulates the third eye chakra, which is close to the crown chakra. This can help your customers get answers that enhance their wisdom and heighten their intuition.

Clear Quartz Pendulum

The clear quartz pendulum is popular for its healing energy and is a go-to for beginners. It can help to direct energies and gain clarity of thought. People can also use it to balance all seven chakras in the body. Recommend this pendulum to clients seeking to balance emotions and activate the immune system and pineal glands.

Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum

Include the rainbow moonstone pendulum in your stock inventory to cater to the needs of clients seeking to connect with the source through questions. The answers given by a pendulum provide them with clarity and increase their awareness. A moonstone pendulum is highly sensitive to vibrations and can be ideal when asking questions regarding money, love, or health.

Lapis Pendulum

The Lapis pendulum offers guidance and understanding about situations. A person poses questions for the pendulum to assist them in deciding on the next steps to take according to their intuition. Recommend this pendulum to customers who want to increase honesty, self-awareness, and dignity. It can increase their wisdom, enabling them to thrive in various aspects of their life.

This pendulum is also believed to open the third eye and balance the connection between the third eye and the throat chakra.

Shungite Pendulum

Shungite is known to protect against electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers. It also balances chakras so they are in total alignment. Using a shungite pendulum can eliminate negative energy and lead to self-improvement.

Correct Ways to Use a Pendulum

Using a pendulum correctly is key to achieving optimal results. The steps below can help to guide your clients on the best way to use this powerful tool:

Cleansing the Pendulum

After your customer settles on their pendulum, the first thing they should do is cleanse it before use. There are several methods to cleanse the pendulum. Some people may bury them in the ground, place them under a pillow, or near the window to absorb sun and moonlight or sage them. A client can research different cleansing methods and choose what feels right to them.

Calm Your Mind

A pendulum is an extended version of the person using it. To get accurate responses, your clients need to be in a clear state of mind so they cannot consciously or subconsciously influence the outcome. Taking deep breaths and lighting a candle before the session can help calm the mind to a neutral state. A calm mind prevents any bias in the answers given by the pendulum.

Start the Session

The session begins by steadily holding the pendulum for a moment to connect and create a bond. The next step is determining and distinguishing the cues the pendulum gives you — yes or no. To understand which motion is yes or no your client should place the pendulum above their palm and pose questions that they know the answer to. You can even ask the pendulum to show you yes and then to show you no. Take note of the pendulum’s movements to understand the answer given.

Advise your customers to be clear and direct with the questions they ask. They can ask direct yes or no questions or change the phrasing of their dilemmas and issues into a yes or no format.

Beginners need to be open-minded and understand that it may take time to connect with their pendulum. The bond develops with patience and time.

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Knowing how to use a pendulum helps your clients connect better with their subconscious. They can find guidance, gain control of the energies around them, and make sound decisions. Help your clients balance their chakras to lead more harmonized and fulfilled lives.

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