Common Man-Made Crystal Shapes And Their Uses

crystal shapes

When stocking your shop with crystals there are not only many types of crystals available but many shapes as well. While some crystals occur as natural points or cubes, many shaped crystals are man made. Different shapes can alter the way energy is generated and dispersed. A specific shape can enhance the effectiveness of a desired outcome. Understanding what crystal shapes may help your customers with their needs can enhance their well being while also generating sales.

Crystal shapes can energize or calm, and bring stability, clarity, or protection. Let’s explore some frequently encountered man-made crystal shapes and their potential uses in daily life.


Crystals shaped like pyramids serve as excellent tools for focusing and channeling energy into their surroundings. The base of the pyramid is a grounding cube shape while the point of the pyramid gathers energy into a tight stream. The focused energy beam helps manifest ones spiritual side and leads to personal empowerment while the cube base keeps one grounded. The pyramids energy assists individuals in manifesting and realizing goals. A pyramid placed on a desk helps with concentration and also looks beautiful.


Associated with the earth element, the energy generated by the cube shape creates stability and security within a given space. Cube-shaped crystals are frequently used to establish grounded and centered environments in homes. Many individuals utilize cubes to support meditation and promote a sense of recovery. The connection to the earth allows one to feel a union with the environment and its energies. Due to their recognizable shape, cubes easily complement various decor styles. Placing them in the corners of rooms helps direct energy while aligning with the room’s geometry.


In contrast to pyramids, spheres evenly disperse energy throughout a space. As spheres have no edges, energy does not focus in one direction, rather the smooth surface allows a consistent flow of energy in all directions. Spheres are commonly used to clear chaotic energy from a room, creating a unified and harmonious energy field. A sphere placed in a home allows for easier communication. Clear crystal spheres are often used as gazing balls to help clear the mind and receive information. Spheres make captivating centerpieces and, when placed with the appropriate holder or platform, attract attention while effectively directing peaceful energy throughout the entire space.​​​​​​


Tumbled crystals are perfect for carrying on the go, fitting conveniently in a pocket or purse. These small polished crystals serve various purposes, including aiding in meditation and helping individuals regulate their energy while traveling. The smaller size and affordable price of tumbled crystals allow customers to carry multiple stones. The size also lends itself to laying stones on the body to aid in healing practices. Many of the stones can be placed in pendant cages and worn around the neck.

Wands and Generator Towers

Wands and generator towers share similar shapes but serve different functions. Both are used to channel energy from multiple sources to a focal point, however, their applications differ.

Generator towers have flat bottoms and pointed tops. They are often incorporated into crystal arrays and grids to enhance and distribute energy throughout the other crystals, acting as a tuning device for specific purposes. They raise the vibration in an area and offer protection from negative vibrations.

Wands, which usually have rounded bottoms and pointed tops are good for channeling an individual’s energy. Holding a wand allows one to influence the surrounding energy and focus it. They are used by many massage therapists and acupuncturists to eliminate blockages and balance chakras.

Choosing Crystals for Your Needs

There are many other crystal shapes available. Each shape generates its own energy signature. A wide selection of crystal shapes offers your customers the chance to feel what works best for them. At The Gemstone Factory, we specialize in providing a variety of crystal shapes to stock your store and help your customers find the perfect crystals for their unique requirements

Reach out to us today to learn more about our extensive crystal and gemstone selection.

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