Should I Sell Selenite In My Crystal Shop?

selenite crystal

The cornerstone of any successful crystal shop is the range of stock available to offer to customers. Often, customers are looking for a particular crystal with specific properties to help them with a certain issue they’re facing – be it tiredness, worry, sadness, sleeplessness, or another well-being concern. Selenite crystal has become a popular choice for many crystal users and energy workers. With its many beneficial qualities and uses, selenite should be a go-to product for any crystal shop owner.

Where Does Selenite Come From?

Selenite is naturally produced through the slow accumulation of salt deposits from the evaporation of seawater in coastal caves. The salt combines with a mineral called gypsum to form the beautiful, pearlescent crystal of selenite. Thankfully, selenite is a plentiful crystal, and there are many deposits all over the world. For this reason, it’s also been a popular gemstone through the centuries across a range of cultures.

What’s So Special About Selenite Crystal?

There are several reasons why selenite is a universally loved crystal. It is believed to possess powerful healing properties and is a favorite of energy workers for its acclaimed ability to break down energy blocks and cleanse negative energies. People who use selenite find that it improves their mental clarity and provides a sense of peace, calm, and spiritual upliftment. They also point to the fact that it vibrates at a high frequency, making it a very powerful crystal, to explain its many benefits.

Selenite crystal also has a unique aesthetic appeal. In its classic form, it is a pale, opaque, pearlescent crystal that has a moon-like color and shine (hence its name, which is derived from the name of Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon). It also comes in a number of other forms, such as desert rose (selenite formed in small clusters which have the appearance of golden roses), gypsum flower (which is darker and has the appearance of crystalline, frozen water), and satin spar (which has a smoother and more solid shape, is generally peach in color and has a silky, satin-like appearance).

The Many Uses of Selenite

Given its unique healing properties, selenite is particularly popular for cleansing purposes, and it is frequently used to cleanse other crystals. For this reason, if you are considering stocking selenite in your crystal shop, a good place to start is with selenite crystal bowls – these are perfect for customers who wish to use selenite to hold and cleanse their other crystals.

One of the best things about selenite is that it is a soft stone that is easily molded. Selenite towers and lamps are becoming increasingly popular bedroom items because they provide a beautiful, subtle light while also being said to assist with sleeplessness and worry. Selenite can also be easily engraved, cut, and polished into points or molded into luminous spheres.

Selenite’s Metaphysical Properties

For those with an interest in the metaphysical properties of crystals, what makes selenite special is the way it is believed to work with the higher chakras, particularly the Crown and Third Eye chakras. By opening and clearing the crown and third eye, mental clarity, lightness, and a higher consciousness envelops the body. The change in energy also works with the Heart Chakra to keep the heart light and open to receive messages which flow through the higher chakras. Selenite crystal is particularly associated with the angelic realm – which is no wonder given its white, light glow.

Selenite’s Zodiac Profile

Selenite should be a popular choice for your Taurus customers in particular – it is said to be well matched to the Taurus personality profile and can help Taureans to balance out their more headstrong, stubborn traits with its dreamy, more peaceful energy.

Catering to different Zodiac segments of your customer base is an excellent way to show your patrons that you are attentive to their particular needs and well-being. This is especially important as more and more people are turning to their Zodiac signs in an attempt to understand their personal struggles and emotional needs.

A Reputable Wholesale Selenite Crystal Supplier

Selenite is a truly heavenly stone with wonderful properties and a gorgeous, striking appearance. Should you decide to stock it in your crystal store, don’t be surprised if it quickly becomes one of your bestsellers!

If you’re looking for a reputable wholesale selenite crystal supplier, you can’t go wrong with The Gemstone Factory. We have a beautiful range of selenite, from bowls and candle holders to lamps and towers, and are the supplier of choice for crystal store owners across the nation.

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