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Gift-giving season is here, and gemstone jewelry and home goods are the perfect gifts. As a gemstone wholesaler, we know the gift market well. Crystal jewelry is easily giftable — it can be chosen in a personal way for extra sentiment, or it can be chosen purely on aesthetics for general gift-giving. We’ve collected some of our holiday bestsellers that make up the perfect seasonal gift guide, covering everything from the personal, the practical, and the pretty.

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Holiday Gift Guide From A Gemstone Wholesaler

Jewelry is a classic choice for holiday season gifting. Gemstones are well-loved, aesthetically pleasing, and easy for customers to buy. They’re the go-to, which makes them essential to stock in stores. However, the difference between generic jewelry and genuine gemstones provided by a gemstone wholesaler is important, when your customers are searching for quality, The Gemstone Factory supports you.

Buying crystals from a wholesaler gives you peace of mind about sourcing quality products. We also have years of experience in understanding which products are the holiday bestsellers, and we’re able to make sure you select products that your customers will love. There are 3 key product areas that make for wonderful gifts, and we’re here to introduce you to all of them.

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1) Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry comes in a wide variety of forms, colors, and materials. Not only do we stock gemstones and crystals of different colors, but our jewelry also comes in collections with different hardware finishes and materials. Gemstone jewelry can suit a wide array of styles: smooth and sleek gemstones for a refined look, cut gemstone pendants for a classic look, and rugged, uniquely shaped gemstones for a natural look. These styles appeal to many customers and many gift recipients. Also, many price points are available to fit all of your customer’s budgets.

From simple understated pieces to holistic-inspired designs, our crystal jewelry is available to suit many styles across many products:

  • Necklaces: Our necklaces are delivered fully made, so the gemstone or pendant is already attached to the hardware and chain. These easy, ready-made gifts have inspiring designs and stunning colors, with each gemstone having its own personal meaning. A favorite of ours for the holiday season is the Polished Point Necklace With Circles, featuring a gold or silver toned chain with the choice of several different gemstone pendants. This refined piece makes for a high-quality gift.
  • Earrings: Gemstone earrings are a perfect gift for those who value spirituality. Our chakra earrings and tree of life designs help the wearers feel centered and find personal motivation. They’re available stacked with each chakra color in one earring, or as separate pairs with gems representing singular chakras.
  • Bracelets: Bracelets are an often-overlooked gift next to necklaces and earrings, but we know just how special the right bracelet can be as a gift. Our beaded bracelets evoke peace and tranquility, with gemstone options available as well as multi-strand bracelets with geodes. Whether smoothed into round beads or left with a more natural jagged shape, bracelets suit a wide range of styles.
  • Pendants: Pendants are perfect for the buyer who wants to choose how the jewelry should be put together. Some wearers have them on ribbon, leather or chain necklaces, while others put them on bracelets. By combining a pendant with a chain or other hardware, this gift can be easily personalized.
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2) Natural Crystals

Natural crystals can be used for many purposes, the two main being home décor and jewelry making. Larger stones like amethyst clusters and standalone gem points make for excellent home accessories, adding shine and color to a space and filling in gaps in the interior design of a home. They reflect light beautifully, creating an effect that’s difficult to achieve with other conventional home accessories. These larger crystals can also be shaped, into items like hearts or angels, to add a personal meaning to the one receiving the gift.

Smaller natural crystals can also be used for home décor. Assorted on trays or around the house, they can be used to help the owner connect with nature. Small gemstones are also the go-to choice for jewelry making—a hobby that’s personalized and entertaining. By gifting loose stones and jewelry-making supplies, you can put the construction of their perfect gift into their hands or turn the gift into an experience that everyone gets to enjoy. Whether large or small, crystals are available both with a natural finish and with a polished finish, giving two different style inspirations for different home aesthetics.

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3) Home Goods

Home goods make excellent gifts—even outside the holiday season. They’re a good choice for housewarmings, birthdays, and anniversaries. They have an additional bonus: they’re gifts that are functional, meaning the recipient can use them in their home. At The Gemstone Factory, we recommend candleholders and lamps for the holiday season.

After all, seasonal décor that holds candles or adds warmth to a space brings winter cheer, making these gift bestsellers. Our selenite lamps and candleholders are perfect for the winter season, naturally shaped and diffusing light softly. With their varied available sizes, they can suit dining tables, side tables, and smaller accent locations around a home. Even outside of the gift season, selenite lamps and bowls are some of our bestselling products.

Salt lamps have had a huge rise in popularity in the last few years, meaning they’re going to top gift-buying lists once again this holiday season. They give off a warm, orange-toned glow that brings warmth into homes along with a soothing atmosphere. We provide salt lamps in a variety of sizes and shapes: ranging from those that look more natural to those that are shaped into hearts or spheres. This means that there’s a choice for everyone.

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Gifts by The Gemstone Factory

The Gemstone Factory is on hand for all of your crystal gifting needs. Email us at sales@gemstonefactory.net for personalized recommendations for your store or to arrange a showroom tour where you can see our products up close. We partner with interior decorators, gift shops, and online retailers from across the country and are committed to providing outstanding service to you and your business.

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