Crystal Of The Month: Charoite

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As your reputable wholesaler of gemstones, crystals, rocks, and minerals, our team at The Gemstone Factory is always sharing inspiring crystals. This month we have our sites set on Charoite. Discover what makes Charoite such a rare and beautiful addition to your shop and customer collections, explore its unique physical and metaphysical properties, and see why it’s fast becoming a top seller.

Explore The Magic Of Charoite

Charoite is a rare silicate mineral found only in the Sakha Republic of Siberia. It is known for its intricate, swirling patterns and captivating lavender and purple colors.


The History & Meaning Of Charoite

As a Charoite wholesaler, we recognize how special this stone is. Originally thought to be named for the Chara River which is located near the area where it was first unearthed in the 1940s it is now believed to be named after the Russian word “chary” meaning magical or charms. The eye-catching colorful stone mystified many who did not believe such a stone existed in nature. Its status as an approved mineral did not occur until 1978. Since then, Charoite has (and continues to be) a highly sought-after gemstone for its metaphysical and aesthetic appeal.

Enthusiasts call it the “Stone of Transformation” or the “Soul Stone” because of both its spiritual transformative energy and its assistance in transforming in the here and now. Many who place Charoite stones in their home or wear jewelry crafted from this gemstone believe that it aids in overcoming fears and promoting courage. It’s also thought that Charoite can release the body of negative energies, promoting more positive and inspirational sentiments.

Charoite’s Distinct Look

Charoite is a great addition to any retail space because it is attention-grabbing. The swirly patterns and liquid like movement of the stone is its distinguishing features. Moreover, Charoite usually has other minerals in its makeup. Patches of black are often Aegirine, yellow-brownish spots are Tinaksite, and clear more see-through inclusions may be Canasite. Sometimes confused with Sugilite, the unique wave-like patterns and chatoyancy of Charoite should allow one to differentiate the two stones. Also when purchasing Charoite beware of stones that are more solid with only one uniform light or dark color and if the price seems too good to be believed you may not be purchasing Charoite

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A Beautiful Gemstone Every Retailer Should Carry

True gem enthusiasts will recognize the rarity and value of a quality Charoite. They are usually more expensive than other minerals, particularly because they’re so rare. They’re only found in one location, impacting the low supply. Other reasons these stones are expensive and a lucrative addition to your shop include:

  • Complex formation: Charoite is comprised of various mineral combinations and its color patterns are the result of millions of years of formation.
  • Difficult to extract: Secluded in a remote and harsh environment, the cost and effort to extract Charoite adds to its price.
  • Mesmerizing beauty: The look of these rare stones is captivating collectors worldwide and drive up demand for this already elusive gemstone.​​​​​​

​​​Healing Properties of Charoite

To promote Charoite in your store or website, dedicate unique marketing materials to educate shoppers about the potential healing properties. Be sure to include these more common features:

  • Emotional healing: Charoite is said to release phobias, negative behavioral patterns, and fears.
  • Mindfulness: Charoite is said to stimulate mental clarity, self-reflection, and decision-making.
  • Physical healing: Charoite is said to promote healthy sleep, regulate blood pressure, relieve headaches, and boost the immune system.
  • Spiritual healing: Charoite is said to open the “Third Eye” to connect to higher realms and unify with the environment.

How To Use Charoite

Because it’s rare, your customers may be unfamiliar with the incredible energies of Charoite. Consider providing helpful tutorials for customers to explore.

Here are a few Charoite uses to include in those “how to’s:”

Charoite in mediation

During mediation, Charoite can be held in the hand or placed on Crown Chakra. These stones are believed to promote improved intuition, boosted spirituality, and deeper consciousness.

Charoite as jewelry

Promote emotional balance with Charoite as jewelry – wearing these gems as bracelets, rings, or pendants.

Charoite as a complement to other crystals

Charoite is powerful on its own, but equally energizing and metaphysically effective in tandem with other crystals. Use Charoite to amplify intentions with other stones in grids or crystal layouts.

Charoite for tranquility

One of the most popular applications of Charoite involves the creation of tranquil spaces. Use Charoite as a force of calm and balance in places where stress, anxiety, and chaos tend to thrive. They’re great gems to take to the workplace, for example, helping to promote a more harmonious atmosphere.

Caring & Cleaning Charoite

Most specialists and gemologists will advise that proper care, storage, and display of Charoite will keep it in its most brilliant condition. Follow these cleaning, charging, and care instructions to preserve your shop’s inventory.

  • Always handle with care: Charoite is relatively durable, however, it can chip, crack, or break if dropped.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight: Avoid fading those vibrant lavender colors by displaying or storing your Charoite out of direct sunlight.
  • Store in a soft cloth: Wrap your Charoite in a soft cloth and keep them separate from other stones that may rub or scratch the surfaces.
  • Clean with water: Gently rinse any dusty or dirty stones under lukewarm water. No harsh chemicals or steam should be used.
  • Moonlight charging: Display your Charoite stones in a window during a full moon to charge them with direct lunar energy.
  • Smudge your stones: Preserve your Charoite’s pure and vibrant energy with the smoke from sage or other cleansing herbs.
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Buy Gemstones Confidently From Your Trusted Charoite Wholesaler

Are you considering adding Charoite, along with its stunning beauty and powerful metaphysical properties, to your store this year? It’s a truly rare find that will elevate your shop and tantalize your customers.

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