Renew & Recharge: Spring Self-Care Rituals With Crystals

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Spring is here! It’s the time of year that most people (including your clients) like to deep clean and declutter their homes and businesses. The arrival of spring also brings a sense of new beginnings leading to setting intentions for the upcoming months. Help your clients shake off their winter blues and embark on new self-care practices with their favorite crystals. Crystals are tools that can be used to cleanse and purify a space and attract positive energy promoting better well-being

wholesale crystals

What are some of the best Springtime Crystals?

Crystals are known to have specific energies that can align with different areas of life with their color, shape, and type. They can influence energy and transform someone’s life in many ways.

Some of the best crystals to work with during spring include:

  • Amazonite: Amazonite promotes calm and peace in a business environment allowing for a more focused workforce.It also is used to get rid of negative energy in a space. If your clients are feeling stressed due to a chaotic work environment suggest amazonite crystals for their desk or table.
  • Clear quartz: Quartz is great for increasing the energy of other crystals and also promotes balance and harmony. It is often placed in every room of a home or office to purify the space.
  • Citrine: This success stone represents success and prosperity and can be used to attract fortune.
  • Jade: This is a great crystal to reconnect with Mother Earth. Its powerful properties help to promote a healthy work-life balance.
  • ​​​​​​Turquoise: This is used to protect against negative external influences and helps enhance immune systems. It has detoxifying effects, which makes it great for those living in major cities. It can help align the chakras, which stabilizes mood and helps rid the body and mind of exhaustion.
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How crystals can add to self-care routine?

Crystals are much more than just a beautiful object, they can affect your customer’s energy and improve their health too. Using them in a daily routine can help improve spiritual well-being. By making crystals a regular part of their self-care routine, your clients can help protect themselves from bad energy.

Crystals carry powerful energy that can change frequency, target weak parts of the body, and work to create a shield of positive energy. Much like physical wounds are healed with medicine, crystals help to repair emotional or spiritual wounds.

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Tips for using crystals during self-care

There are many self-care routines that your customers can utilize to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health.


While relaxing baths have a cleansing property, so do crystals. Adding crystals like Rose Quartz or Smoky Quartz to a bath will raise the vibration of the water and in turn, our vibration.

Foot Soaks

Our feet are the most vulnerable to changes in the environment because they are the closest to the ground. However, this also means that they can transmit energy the same way and help to align our chakras. Add crystals to foot soaks to help with stiffness or tiredness. When added to water they can draw negative energy from the body. Essential oils or fresh or dried herbs can be added to the water as well to promote relaxation.


Meditation causes positive changes in the body and helps to improve stress levels. Meditation is enhanced when accompanied by crystals. The crystals can help boost our ability to reach higher frequencies making us more receptive to the universe. Meditating with crystals helps one transcend to a higher consciousness and cleanses our aura. A circle of crystals surrounding oneself while meditating is powerful.


We understand sleep is important for our well-being. Placing crystals under a pillow helps improve the quality of sleep and also rejuvenates our energy field and body. Amethyst and Tiger Eye are known to help with insomnia and other sleep issues. They promote calming frequencies to help ensure a more sound sleep.

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Choosing a reputable wholesale crystal distributor

When you’re looking for a reputable wholesale crystal distributor, you should work with a company that has been in the crystal business for many years. Their expertise and long-term contacts make them a good source for the most up-to-date and best-selling crystals in the market. Additionally, when you purchase crystals from The Gemstone Factory, you are buying directly from a wholesaler, reducing your costs and allowing you to offer well-priced crystals to your customers.

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