What Are The Best Gemstones For Jewelry Making?

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If you are starting to make jewelry from gemstones as a business venture, you may be wondering what the best gemstones are for jewelry making. In this article, we will explore some of the characteristics and qualities of the most popular wholesale gemstones you can purchase to create jewelry at an affordable price to maximize your business profits.


Onyx is a type of chalcedony that is available in many colors but the most frequently used color in jewelry making is black. Black onyx symbolizes independence, strength, and wisdom, it is ideal for big, bold designs, but it also offers class and elegance. The rich deep black color of onyx coordinates with many styles which makes it useful for a wide variety of jewelry designs.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a member of the Quartz family. These gorgeous stones come in a range of colors all with different names and properties including golden rutile, rose quartz (sometimes called pink quartz), smoky quartz, and others. Quartz is sometimes called the “universal crystal” and is considered to be a powerful healing stone. Rose Quartz in particular is believed to attract love and has a gentle self love energy as well. While the pink color is very feminine and lends itself to beautiful jewelry, Rose Quartz is a great material for everyday jewelry because it is a hard and durable stone.


Garnet is most commonly a rich red color, but it also comes in several other colors. For example, Tsavorite garnet is a striking green color, and Rhodolite garnet has a sweet pink plum color. Garnet has been used as a sacred stone by many ancient tribes. It is said to take away negative energy in the body and allows one to manifest their potential.


Moonstone is available in a variety of colors which have a sheen or chatoyancy which resembles moonlight. It is a calming stone with feminine energy, some of the colors include, black moonstone, peach moonstone, rainbow moonstone and white moonstone. One of the more popular and well known colors is the rainbow moonstone which is a white stone with blue, green, gold sparkly flashes that appear as the stone moves.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is royal blue and can have subtle hints of pyrite and calcite. No two stones are alike. Lapis lazuli represents communication and truth and expands awareness both internal and external.


Carnelian is a great choice if you want to add some warmth to your jewelry design. Like onyx, carnelian is a type of chalcedony, but can be a deep reddish or orange color. Carnelian is believed to bring a sense of confidence and courage and awakens inherent abilities.


Malachite is known for being uniquely patterned with alternating bands of rich forest green to emerald tones. Malachite represents good fortune, prosperity, and transformation.​​​​​​


Aventurine can range from light green to a deep dark green that may have gold like mica flecks. It represents good luck, opportunity, and wealth.

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye features a silky luster and golden banded hues. Tiger eye is believed to provide mental clarity and good luck. Tiger eye is a popular stone when crafting jewelry for men as well as women.


Chrysoprase is a translucent green variety of chalcedony that varies from lime to emerald hues. Chrysoprase is symbolic of new life in every sphere, and it is believed to stimulate creativity and imagination, boost mood, improve memory, and help in achieving goals.


Jade is available in multiple colors, including purple, dark green, green, orange, and pink. It is often recommended for people suffering from depression because it is believed to ward off negative thoughts and improve mood. It is popular in jewelry as jade is well known as a stone of prosperity. Jade is also a stone of balance, fortune, longevity, power, and wisdom.

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