What Are The Benefits Of Selenite Crystal?

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As a business owner, it’s important that you continue to expand your product line with items that consumers find beneficial. One item that has become increasingly popular is selenite crystal, so if you are looking to provide a unique product that is sure to add to your sales, you need to consider wholesale selenite crystals.

Selenite crystals, which have been used in many traditions across the centuries, are said to have powerful healing and calming properties. Many believe that these unique crystals carry potent energy that provides both spiritual enhancement and improved well-being while at the same time having the ability to cleanse unwanted energy.

From alleviating stress to restoring emotional equilibrium, selenite is making its way into the lives of people all around the world as an accessible form of holistic healing. In this blog post, we take a closer look at Selenite crystals and unpack why you should consider these if you are looking to introduce new items to your customers.

What Are Selenite Crystals And Their Uses

So, what are selenite crystals? They are a crystallized form of the mineral gypsum that is popularly used in studies of energy, spiritual connection, and meditation.

Selenite has been said to possess an elevated vibration that can help purify the mind, body, and spirit while increasing mental clarity. Due to its high vibration and ability to purify, many believe that the use of these crystals can assist with healing physical ailments and spiritual blockages. It is also a space cleanser, clearing negative energy from the surrounding environment.

Additionally, they have been used as support during mediation and prayer practices as they quiet and open our minds to messages from the universe.

Why You Should Stock Selenite Crystals In Your Store

Selenite crystals are a beautiful and beneficial addition to any store.

By stocking these crystals, you will offer shoppers invaluable help with raising their vibration, helping them to reach an elevated energetic level that can increase physical and mental well-being. Also, a selenite lamp, candleholder, or bowl placed in a home will clear the surrounding space allowing for a lighter more peaceful surrounding. While adding a beautiful modern decorative touch to any room

All of these benefits make selenite a valuable commodity for any store to stock.

Origins And Lore

Selenite is a mineral that gets its name from the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. It has been used extensively throughout history for many healing purposes, as well as a connection to the divine, and was also appreciated for its beauty, adorning ancient structures. Its use is most documented in ancient Greece and Rome.

The ancients believed the crystal provided protection and also aided in making important decisions as they were believed to bring clarity of thought and a sense of peace.

Today, selenite is still being used to bring about spiritual growth and elevation and is used in many spiritual and holistic applications such as divination and scrying, energy work, and natural healing methods like Reiki.

Other Names For Selenite

The gypsum class of minerals includes several forms of selenite, known by different names and each with its own unique attributes. Some of them are:

  • Desert Rose – a type of selenite that is a mixture of wind water salt and sand that form rosettes in the ground
  • Gypsum Flower – known for its crystalline structure that often resembles a flower
  • Satin Spar – known for its soft and lustrous milky appearance
  • Selenite Blade – known for its thin flat shape and colorless appearance

No matter what it is called, selenite remains a powerful crystal with many healing and metaphysical properties that will help anyone who is seeking balance, clarity, or peace in their life.

Selenite crystals have been used for centuries to help people achieve a sense of peace, clarity, and balance. Its natural beauty was recognized by adding selenite windows and placing selenite carvings into meeting halls and places of worship. With its many forms and origins, there is no doubt that stocking selenite in your store will bring valuable benefits to your shoppers. You can offer the power of ancient healing and spirituality to everyone who comes through your doors.

So why not stock selenite in your store today? It could be just the thing that sets you apart from the rest.

Where To Source Selenite Crystals

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