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Gemstone spheres are usually associated with spiritual energy, fortune-telling, or mysterious power. In films and books, gemstone spheres are usually wielded by mystic figures, who sit in smoky rooms prophesying your fortune or predicting your future. Besides what we see in popular culture, what do we actually know about gemstone spheres? And where does their influence come from?

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The Origin of Gemstone Spheres

Druids and Celtic Tribes

Historians reveal the crystal ball as a mystic tool in many cultures and ancient societies. Evidence suggests that the first cultures and communities to use gemstone spheres were the Celtic peoples of ancient Britain, Ireland, and Gaul (modern-day France). In Celtic communities, they had spiritual leaders known as Druids, who were medicine men and mystics. Celtic druids are some of the earliest recorded people known to use gemstone spheres in spiritual practices.

Celts are Iron Age communities that existed for hundreds of years. The exact time of gemstone spheres being brought into their communities is hard to pinpoint. The earliest known record of these Celtic druids using crystal balls comes from the account of Roman general Julius Caesar and Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder. Both of these individuals existed within the first century AD. Julius Caesar is famous for his conquest of Gaul, in which he came into contact with many Celtic communities and thus the druids that existed in them.

These accounts report that Druids primarily used Beryl gemstones and polished them to enhance their reflective properties. Crystal gazing was a practice in which the druid would stare into the orb and fall into a meditative state. Their subconscious would then reveal certain truths about the past, present, or future. This process is known as scrying and would be part of mystic practices for centuries to come.

John Dee and his Crystal Ball

John Dee was a close advisor to Queen Elizabeth I of England and was famous for his use of a crystal ball. It is said that Dee made use of a pure obsidian gemstone sphere for spiritual practices in Her Majesty’s court. With the assistance of a traveling scryer, John Dee claimed he was able to communicate to angels through his scrying sessions. Dee recorded his findings from his scrying sessions diligently and can still be read in interpreted versions today.

The Roma People and their Fortune Tellers

Generally, modern-day depictions of crystal ball wielding physics stem from the Roma people and their practice of fortune-telling. The soothsayer is often wrapped in exotic fabrics and jewelry, preaching stories about your future or fortune. The Roma people came from Northern India and they migrated westwards into Europe.

The Roma were often persecuted for their mystic practices and beliefs, particularly by the Catholic Church. Europeans thought they were witches and wizards bearing unnatural abilities and it earned them the reputation for carrying out scrying using gemstone spheres. Through the Roma way of life, gemstone spheres as a tool to conduct spiritual rituals were cemented into popular culture.

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Modern Day Uses For Gemstone Spheres

In the present day, gemstone spheres can be used for a number of reasons:

1) Meditation

Many different gemstones can be used to aid meditation practices. By holding one in each hand, spiritualists believe you can tap into your subconscious mind more easily and achieve a meditative state. Different gemstones have different uses:

Angelite Spheres: Increased calmness in your meditation.

Shungite Spheres: Access to higher wisdom levels.

2) Crystal Well-being

Gemstone spheres are used in well-being sessions to activate chakras or energy sources in the body. This has a number of uses, primarily to:

  • Relieve stress.
  • Reduce tension in your body and muscles.

Crystal spheres are great when used with massage oils and lotions and smaller spheres can be used as stress balls to combat stress and anxiety. For this process, you want to choose a gemstone that fits perfectly in your hand.

3) Decoration

Besides their practical uses, gemstone spheres make great pieces to beautify a space. These aesthetic-looking crystals add some color and natural beauty to your home, office, or garden.

4) Group energies

Gemstone spheres can be used in group meetings or gatherings to promote productivity and positive energy. Placing a sphere in the center of the room facilitates communication, generates harmonious energy, and benefits the group as a whole.

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