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Gemstone pendants have been around for centuries. Their purpose has been adornment, protection, and enlightenment, and to this day, they continue to be used for these purposes. Every stone has its own meaning, and its use as a pendant can help the wearer access that energy throughout the day.

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What Gemstone Pendants Symbolize

Gemstones all have their own meanings, but did you know that crystals’ shapes also carry meaning? The form of a pendant has been used for centuries, very often as a measure of protection. We also wear lockets with pictures of loved ones, leading many to believe that pendants have symbolic properties because of their place near our hearts.

No matter whether the gem has a personal meaning, like a birthstone, or it has a symbolic meaning, the shape of the pendant can enhance this connection. A pendant worn around the neck helps to remind oneself to stay focused on the desired intention and is a meaningful gifted jewelry item.

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  • Points: Crystal points have one key goal—direction. They symbolize directing the energy of the crystal into a certain area of your life where you want it. It doesn’t matter whether the point is naturally occurring or refined both will help you focus on your desired goal and help remove bad energy that may be holding you back. Points help bring about harmony and enhance spirituality.
  • Buddha Head: These pendants primarily serve as a reminder of Buddhist principles They are a symbol of luck, peace, and longevity bringing strength to those who wear them. With its connection to the Buddhist faith, many find peace in using Buddha head jewelry with intent, taking the time to clear their mind and manifest their day.
  • Agate Slab: Agate is a beautiful gemstone that soothes anxiety and reduces anger for many. Because of its calming properties, having this stone as a necklace can be a grounding piece of jewelry, helping you find your strength.
  • Chakra: Chakra jewelry is a positive tool to help promote alignment and enlightenment. It is said to strengthen the spirit and, when worn as a necklace, open blocked chakras to free the flow of energy.
  • Double Terminated: Double terminated crystals have two crystal points, one at each end. Like crystal points, they serve to direct energy but with the double point energy can be moved outward in either direction. They offer both mental and physical protection and are strong healing crystals.
  • Wire Wrapped: The wire wrapping symbolizes a connection with the gemstone and its properties. Besides adding to the visual effect and style of a pendant or piece of jewelry, many choose specific metals for their own meanings.
  • Flower of Life: The flower of life has many meanings, most representing connectedness, unity, and the cycle of life. Plato, the Greek philosopher, believed that the world was created with a geometric plan, often represented by the cycles in the flower of life symbol. This makes flower of life pendants special to those who want to be connected to the world and those who see a plan in life’s cycles. The root of the flower of life’s design, the Vesica Piscis, is also present in the iconography of many religions around the world.
  • Moon Goddess: Moon goddess jewelry is a strong symbol of the divine feminine, representing the maiden, mother, and crone. These pendants, also have their roots in Greek mythology, with the moon goddess Selene representing female empowerment. The moon goddess also represents the creation and sustainer of life and allows ones strength to break through any obstacles to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Om: Om represents infinity. It is a sound used in Buddhist practices and in activities that help you connect with yourself and the earth, like yoga and meditation.. Wearing a pendant with this symbol brings the mind, body, and spirit together.
  • Heart: Heart pendants symbolize love and affection. However, they have another meaning. They have been used to stabilize and focus your thoughts towards the center of the heart, making this a good choice when created with calming gemstones. It is said to help with both alignment and grounding.
  • Tree of Life: The tree of life, like the flower of life, is a popular design that has been used by many cultures for centuries. In Buddhism, it is linked to enlightenment, and for Celtic people, the tree portrays the link between heaven and earth. One of its most common meanings is wisdom, especially fit for those who are looking to find wisdom within themselves and hold this close to them.
  • Cluster: Cluster pendants come in two forms—a single gemstone cluster or a collection of gemstone clusters. With their multitude of points, these crystals are most often used to bring harmony to a group or family unit. They also aid in teamwork in an office setting.
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