Common Natural Crystal Shapes

crystal shapes

Understanding the world of gemstones goes far beyond admiring their dazzling beauty. The natural crystal shapes these gems take on during their formation process can offer profound insights into their unique properties and potential uses.

In this guide by The Gemstone Factory, we delve into five common, natural crystal shapes: roughs, crystal clusters, crystal points, geodes, and crystals on matrix.

1. Roughs

Roughs are the term given to raw, unpolished, and untamed versions of crystals. These crystals have not been subject to polishing or tumbling, allowing them to retain their original, natural form. The allure of rough crystals lies in their pure, unadulterated energy, harnessed straight from the heart of the earth.

Due to this, they are highly prized in healing practices, acting as powerful conduits for the earth’s energy, and facilitating a deep connection between the user and nature. Rough crystals help keep one grounded.

2. Crystal Clusters

As the name implies, crystal clusters amalgamate several crystal points that grow together from a single base. This formation results in a dense, energetic powerhouse that holds numerous benefits.

Crystal clusters serve as potent tools to cleanse and purify a space, helping to eradicate any lingering negative energy. The multipoint clusters are especially attuned to facilitate harmony in group gatherings whether it be a family unit or a gathering of unrelated individuals. Moreover, they are excellent for amplifying the power of other crystals in their vicinity, enhancing their energies.

3. Crystal Points

Crystal points are one of the most recognizable crystal shapes characterized by multiple sides converging at a point. Crystal points are powerful tools for directing energy, proving invaluable in manifestation practices, or focusing healing power on specific areas of your life. Points can occur naturally in such stones as quartz and amethyst but the majority of points with flat bottoms that can stand are crafted from gemstones that are shaped into points. Whether naturally occurring or formed the focused energy of the point is the same.

Whether you’re looking to bring about a transformation or imbue an area of your life with healing, crystal points can serve as your perfect ally.

4. Geodes

Geodes are beautiful crystal formations, appearing as seemingly ordinary rocks on the outside but revealing a treasure trove of crystals within. Usually filled with quartz or amethyst, geodes are revered for their ability to open new spiritual pathways, offering a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe. Geodes can also be used to cleanse other crystals by placing them inside the opened geode.

Moreover, their calming energies bring about balance, making them an ideal choice for anyone seeking tranquility and equilibrium.

5. Crystals On Matrix

The term “crystals on matrix” refers to crystals that grow atop another mineral, like quartz or calcite, which forms a base for the new crystal’s growth. This symbiotic relationship enhances the properties of both crystals, aiding in a more profound connection with Gaia Mother Earth, and serving as a protective barrier against negative energies.

Understanding these common crystal shapes and their unique properties not only enhances your experience and appreciation of these beautiful gemstones it also helps you educate your customers on the benefits of various crystal formations. Whether you’re a looking to expand your line of crystals or offer your customers more information we encourage you to explore these crystal formations.

Learn More About Crystals And Their Unique Shapes

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